Estate Planning

If you are working hard everyday to provide for yourself and your family, you need to protect your hard work and investments. None of us like to contemplate the possibility of going through a terrible accident that may result in serious injury . . . or even death. Give yourself piece of mind and make appropriate plans to protect your family and your assets. Giving your loved ones specific instructions of your wishes for how to care for you if you are unable to make these difficult decisions yourself, will rid them of this heavy burden. Even the closest families can become permanently divided due to litigation over healthcare or wealth-planning decisions after a family member becomes incapacitated or passes away without a plan. We will work together to draft a Will, Trust, or Advanced Healthcare Directive the meets your specific needs.


A will is a legal document that lets you designate individuals or charities (your beneficiaries) to receive your real property and personal possessions when you pass away. A will also allows you to name a guardian to care for minor children if you unable. If you pass away intestate (without a will), the state laws will be followed upon the your death.

Advanced Medical Directives

An advance directive (or living will) is a document that provides instructions regarding end-of-life care and allows you to make your own choices about life support instead of state law deciding for you. Drafting this simple document will prevent confusion about the type of care you want (or do not want) in the event you become incapable of communicating your wishes to your family.


Probate is required in Idaho any time a person passes (the Decedent) away while owning any interest in real estate, or personal property with a total value of $100,000 or more. Generally, Probate requires the following steps:

(1) The Executor appointed in the Decedent’s will submits the will to the Probate Court.

(2) The Executor prepares an Inventory and Appraisement of the Decedent’s assets existing at the time of death.

(3) A Notice to Creditors published in a local newspaper.  The Executor pays the debts owed by Decedent at time of death (if the Decedent has sufficient assets).

(4) The Executor then distributes the remaining assets according to the Decedent’s will (or state law if there is no will). The Executor provides the Court with a Final Accounting after the debts are paid and assets distributed.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows you appoint another person to act as your agent (or attorney-in-fact) to handle financial and legal decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.  A durable power of attorney (DPOA) serves the same function as a POA, but remains effective even after you become incapacitated.

It takes someone special who not only knows the law but actually cares enough to know the details of the case and really listen to the family's story to offer real help and solutions. I was very proud and honored that your firm stuck by me and fought for me with all your might and never wavered, thank you!

AlisaBoise, Idaho

I will forever be grateful for choosing Matt Holden and Ludwig, Shoufler, Miller, Johnson, LLP to represent me in my divorce case. I am confident that it is because of their experience and guidance that I was able to obtain that which was of the greatest value to me in the final terms of my case. It’s easy to become distracted with irrelevant details while experiencing an extremely emotional, high-conflict divorce. Though I always felt listened to, I appreciated how they were very straightforward about what aspects of my case really mattered according to the law and kept me focused on the bigger picture. I also found them to be mindful of how to best utilize my limited resources while achieving my desired outcome.

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Matt and his fellow associates at the firm were very professional and caring towards my case. Because of Matt, I now have a renewed faith in our Justice System... I can honestly say I can't thank you all enough for giving me back my sanity. It's because of your knowledge and professionalism that my life can be restored. You are the best. Thank you!

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