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Communication with your attorney is especially important if your legal issue involves Family Law. Nothing is more important than family, so it is no surprise that emotions can run extremely high when going through a Divorce, Child Custody Modification, or in obtaining a Protection Order or No-Contact Order. You need somebody who has a clear head and is not emotionally involved. Many times in a Family Law case people tell me it is the worst time in their lives. I have helped countless people navigate through this difficult time with great success and seen many smiles in the end. I can help you win too!


Whether you believe that you are entering into a high conflict Divorce, or you are confident that you can come to a fair resolution quickly, you need somebody to have your back.  Even if you have the basic terms of the Divorce in place, you still need a competent attorney who will draft the Judgment and Decree of Divorce correctly and according to your desires.  I have had to help many people straighten out a poorly written Judgment, years after their Divorce, because neither party was represented by a competent family law attorney, or they were not represented at all.  You may feel like you want to get out of the marriage as soon as possible and sign whatever will get you Divorced the fastest, but in reality, you are likely to be in litigation sometime down the road, trying to straighten out what should have been done correctly at the time of Divorce.  Do not make this mistake! At a minimum, schedule an initial consultation with me – it’s free.

Child Custody

There are two types of custody: physical and legal.  Physical custody involves a specific overnight schedule for the minor child, exchange times, holiday schedule, and vacation time with each parent.  Legal custody covers important decisions regarding the well being of a child, such as medical care, dental care, education, and religious instruction.  Well written custody language will provide clear expectations of each parent and limit potential conflict in the future.  If you already have a Child Custody Order in place, substantial and material change in circumstances will give rise to filing a Petition for Modification so that you can ask the Court to enter an Order the reflects the best interest of your child.


Paternity is the legal establishment of the identify of a child’s father.  A Petition for Paternity, Child Support, and Visitation will establish the terms of physical and legal custody for a child who’s parents have not been married.


When a loved one does not have the capacity to make important healthcare or financial decisions on their own behalf, they need somebody represent those interests.  Generally, A Guardian has the authority to make healthcare decisions and a Conservator has the authority to make financial decisions. A minor may need to be represented by a Guardian/Conservator if neither parent is able to do so.

Protection Orders/No-Contact Orders

If you feel that you are in imminent threat of serious harm from another person, even a family member, you need to ask the Court to grant a Protection Order or No Contact Order.  It is not unusual during Family Law proceedings for a person to request a Court put in place this type of protection based on words and actions of a spouse or ex-spouse.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are contemplating entering into marriage and you have significant assets that you would like to protect in the unfortunate event of future separation or Divorce, you owe it to yourself to have an attorney draft a Prenuptial Agreement that meets your needs.